Rocket VPN Review

Do you know that is some parts of the world, the currently famous game, Pokemon Go, is being blocked by those countries’ internet data provider because of their country’s policy? Well, not just Pokemon Go, there are many games and websites that are being blocked from internet users in some parts of the world. For Android users, who actually have the ability to surf the internet using their Android device, this blockage is considered as an abuse of human right. Thankfully, Rocket VPN is available to be downloaded from your lovable Google Play, and it is ready to give you back the internet freedom that may have been taken forcefully by the government! Do you want to know more? Read our Rocket VPN review here!

First, let us talk about the reason why you, as an Android user, have to download and install the Rocket VPN into your Android device. The very first reason why you have to have this app in your phone is that this app allows you to choose their vast selection of VPN servers, which allow you to browse, and download content from blocked sites. By browsing those blocked sites and contents using the Rocket VPN app, your anonymity in the internet will be safely secured by the app. You do not have to worry about your internet data provider sniffing around your browsing habit. But, hey! Does not all VPN app do that? What makes this app different from many other similar apps?

Another thing that makes Rocket VPN praised by the many numbers of Rocket VPN review writers on the internet and the many Android users who give 4.3 star rating on Google Play is the app’s ability to quick launch selected app and to get directly connected to the VPN servers provided by the Rocket VPN.

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However, the only bad thing that broke Android users like us is the fact that in order to fully enjoy the service provided by the Rocket VPN, we have to upgrade the app to the paid app. If you only use the app in its trial setting, you will only get 500 megabytes to browse and to watch videos for thirty days, and this is not enough for most of us who like to abuse our unlimited data package from our internet provider. Yet, upgrading to the paid version of this app is very worthy because with some amount of money, your limitless experience in the internet will be returned to you.