Overplay coupon code 2016

If you want, you may get the SmartDNS included into the VPN package of Overplay. If you want to get a standalone service of SmartDNS service, you can choose to pay on monthly price as it is usual and you can even pay less if you use the coupon. The price is 4.15 dollars per month and this is the best value taking into account the service offered.

If you are looking for the VPN service which includes the SmartDNS, then the price is 9.95 dollars for each month. To buy the SmartDNS, the Overplay have different options to use while paying such as 2Checkout, Paypal and credit card.

The user of Overplay will get access to all the streaming channels at the market whether using radio or video. As any other providers of SmartDNS, there is no loss of the speed of watching these items as far as you have a faster connection.  The channel list has rare sites like Amazon Prime.


Overplay is known as among the best VPN providers around the market and it is the fastest growing VPN service provider but the strength is found in the cluster for the servers found in 48 countries around the entire world. This helps in getting the edge over other service provider because they offer faster speeds because they have a local presence.

If you are excited to use Overplay service, then you may save even more by using the coupons that can help you to pay less than 37 percent or 25 percent. The coupon code works with the term discount and it helps to save more.  Overplay is known to run the special promotions time to time and it offers the reduced pricing. However, they offer the guests deep discounts both on the SmartDNS and VPN service.  This is thanks to the Overplay team that shares the promo code and it allows the user in sharing it with their clients.  Always make sure that you are using the latest coupons so that you can save even more money on the Smart DNS access and at VPN.

When you use the promotion to save, it will be reduced on the first billing cycle.  The coupon will stack on the existing discount.  You can save off 25 percent away of any term, month, quarter or yearly. You can enjoy up of a full year of the VPN every month at 6.25 dollars.  If you only need to avoid the geo restrictions but you do not want to get access to the encryption, then with the coupon, you can pay only 3.12 per month.

A coupon code for Overplay will save you the percentage over the current discounts available. Even if the prices on the page may have been discounted, you can still get a discount when you register with the coupon, on addition of the first discount.

When you register, you are given 5 day money back as a guarantee and this means that there is nothing to risk when you sign up. You can use the service while traveling or at home since the service is faster and at the same time reliable.